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He NEVER tells me how he feels.
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My ex-boyfriend and I have been friends for 8 years over-all, and dated for a year and a bit. I cannot deny my feelings towards him, which are really strong, but there’s a huge problem which is that he NEVER tells me how he feels. from time to time, he does, but very rarely. The even bigger problem stands here: a week ago, I saw him after coming back from a trip, and for 3 consecutive days, he wouldn’t stop telling me how much he loves me and all. Suddenly, the 4rth day, no more texts, no calls, no nothing. Bottom line: he’s a HUGE mood swinger, and I can’t put up with that, but every time there’s 1% of chance to talk to him I cannot help but grab it ! there’s something addictive about him.I’m in desperate need of good advice on what to do, this is crushing me by the minute :s !
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OK me and my guy best friend had just admitted that we have feelings for each other. it happened on msn. but a couple of days later he asked if I really wanted to give it a shot I said only if he wants to so he said yes he wants to. he came to my house the next day. we were always very physical. but he didn’t kiss me. I thought he would. two days after I got kind of p*ssed. and I asked him if he truly does like me. I called him to let him answer me honestly and he told me he does like me but its kind of weird for him cause were such good friends and he is afraid to make a move on me ( he was a player who dated a ton of girls) so I don’t know what to do. their was this other guy he is constantly texting me and calling me and he is giving me all this attention. but I met him 1 week ag…
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My boyfriend constantly makes rude comments about fat girls?
My boyfriend and I get along very well but this one thing…it p*sses me off! Every time we see a girl who is plus size he makes rude comments about he feels sorry for the chairs she’s sitting in! It just frustrates me! It makes me think that he is unhappy with my body and he constantly tells me that he loves my body but I never ever let him seem e naked because I am afraid he will think of me like he does a plus size girl. HE gets so mad at me because I won’t show him and I tell him that I don’t feel comfortable…why doesn’t he get it?
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Girlfriend’s best friend hates me?
My girlfriend’s best friend has never approved, she openly hates and resents me. She sees me as just another guy taking the two away. I accept the fact that when you are in a relationship, a serious amount of time goes into seeing each other, and that the time with her other friends will have to be cut down a bit. I do not however try to stop her from being with her friends. I think friendships outside of a relationship are great and I encourage them to get together. They do, but this friend still wants all the attention and it’s driving me crazy. My girlfriend is fully aware of the fact that her friend hates me, she feels “sad” that her friend wouldn’t support her. Before I came along, they were going through a rough patch (not exactly sure why though). Anyway, I feel like friends s…
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She still talks about her deceased mom?
My best friends mom passed away 7 years ago and to this day she still talks about her A LOT. I mean practically every conversation stems back to her mom. While I know that everyone gives diff I feel like its becoming worse as time goes on and I think she’s almost obsessed about it? I’m just concerned since it has been many years now. Her mom did not die tragically or anything she had been sick for years so she did know it was going to happen. I know that other people are getting annoyed about it since there comes a time when its time to let go, stop obsessing about it, and remember the good times. The other day she starts talking about how she can’t believe her mom was embalmed etc. I just don’t no how to handle this because she obviously hasn’t accepted it yet. Any advice?
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Ex boyfriends and your friends?
This question is for a ex boyfriend that dumped his girl. Guys would/have you “used” your ex girlfriend’s friend for getting information on your ex girlfriend? My ex ran into my friend and they started to talk about me/us (not sure who brought my name up in the convo) but just wondering if he was asking or telling my friend things to get information? I never got a call from him so what could this mean? He and I dated for three years and broke up almost a year ago. I stop talking to him about three months ago. He probably wanted to know if I moved on right?
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