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From: Thinking Out Loud
Just have to comment on some random things in the media thats got a girl scratching her curly little head.Little Kim on Dancing with the Stars? I’m a bit veklimpted here (since this is really

a made up word from Mike Myers skit in SNL I’ll spell it how I like, thanks!). One can only assume she is trying to reinvent her image here for a classier one. And as we grow older I can’t blame her for wanting to be more sophisticated. Especially coming from suck a less than classy rapping past. However, if she plans to resurrect her rapping car…
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Best Buddy Comedies

Recently saw the Hangover and absolutely loved it. I adore buddy comedies. It’s only something I’ve come into in recent years but nothing beats the comedy of dudes. Women comedies, wait are there any well known ones. We’re funny but there’s just something that dudes do- they just take it there, places women wouldn’t go without looking unattractive or just stupid which in turn makes them unattractive. The closest one I can remember is the Sweetest Thing with Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate and Selma Blair. Should I ever make it as a…
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Had to post something about the passing of Micheal Jackson. He was my first celebrity crush. Even with all the controversy he is one of my favorite artist of all time.Keeping it short.Here are some of my favorite MJ videos/songs (not only the king of pop but the king of videos)Remember the Time – tried so hard to do those dancesBillie Jean- loved the little light up sidewalk, didn’t know what the song was about at the time reallyBeat It- I think I tried to do the fight/dance scene with my sister when I was youngerSmo…
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Going back to school retro style
Parents it’s almost time for your vacation because the kids are going back to school. Yeah…oh sorry kiddies! I keep hearing from parents that the summers seem to be getting longer, but not from my best friend R the teacher. Well I wish everyone a great back to school year and may you go back with a little retro style…

In school crayons were my favorite so I could color outside of the box. I can still remember the day when I discovered the Glitter and Metallic crayons (seen here on Amazon). My world w…
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Top ten fancy camping checklist

I must admit to you that I’ve never been camping? Am I missing out on something sweetie? Don’t be too shocked and please its not polite to have your mouth open so wide! It wasn’t always like this. If you had asked me this embarrassing question about camping before I moved to San Francisco I would have said yes. Doesn’t overnight summer camp in the Northern Ontario forests count for four years?Ah it so doesn’t.My Canadian experience of camping is completely different to my Bay Area friends. Camp Tamarack was a four star camp that …
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I don’t have to do anything but stay black and die

And if you’ve seen Lean on Me you remember that quote from Joe Clark (aka Morgan Freeman) when he was arrested.This saying came recently to my head when my sister expressed the problem of being invited to a friend’s baby shower although she didn’t want to go. This friend wasn’t someone she was particularly close to, hadn’t hung out with them for a while and she was tight on cash.I too had been invited to this baby shower and had not hung out with this “friend” or even talked to this person in about two years. So what was my answer when…
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