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Summer interview with my lil sis
From: Under The Sheets-shhh
Hope you are having a great summer. Well I just come back from a week with my family in L.A. and watched my little brother and sister spend their last days of summer. I love sitting down and documenting D who is a talkative, fashionable, funny, sarcastic little diva and the baby of our family. Can you imagine what it would be like going into 8th grade with an older sister twenty years older then you? (Check out these other interviews I did with D a last year)

So take it away D tell us all about your summer thoughts…What have you…
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Going back to school retro style
Parents it’s almost time for your vacation because the kids are going back to school. Yeah…oh sorry kiddies! I keep hearing from parents that the summers seem to be getting longer, but not from my best friend R the teacher. Well I wish everyone a great back to school year and may you go back with a little retro style…

In school crayons were my favorite so I could color outside of the box. I can still remember the day when I discovered the Glitter and Metallic crayons (seen here on Amazon). My world w…
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Top ten fancy camping checklist

I must admit to you that I’ve never been camping? Am I missing out on something sweetie? Don’t be too shocked and please its not polite to have your mouth open so wide! It wasn’t always like this. If you had asked me this embarrassing question about camping before I moved to San Francisco I would have said yes. Doesn’t overnight summer camp in the Northern Ontario forests count for four years?Ah it so doesn’t.My Canadian experience of camping is completely different to my Bay Area friends. Camp Tamarack was a four star camp that …
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Wishing for favorite summer things
Today I sit here and write to you, longing for summer. That must sound crazy as your probably sitting in a heat wave begging for air conditioning. Well you can borrow some of ours because San Francisco has been cold all week. Cold like I’m asking myself, “Which scarf should I wear today” or “Is this coat too much?” Weatherman says San Francisco will warm up soon as typically September is our summer, but brrrr sweetie! So let’s look at some of my favorite summer things and try to encourage the warmth. OK?
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Under the Sheets~shhh is moving to Los Angeles!
Sweetie it’s true! After living in the incredible city of San Francisco (click here for some old Cable Car Confession posts), we are moving back to Los Angeles for Honey’s MBA program and a new lifestyle. I’m excited about moving back and looking forward to starting our new married life in L.A. I spent my high school years there with my family and best friend and they’re super excited we’re coming back. Getting married in San Francisco was the best thing we could have done as we met and fell in love here, but somehow moving to L.A. has been clicking left and right.
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All you need is love & blogging friends!
A couple of months ago, I asked some of my blogger friends to guest post. That way I can take a mini blogging break during our wedding and honeymoon. And I loved getting the support and seeing the creative posts that were sent. Some of the guest posts are about love stories, brides in cinema, romance in pictures, how couples met and the differences between new and old love.

I am excited to share with you some lovely new bloggers so you can see their blogs. Each have been there for Under the Sheets~shhh thr…
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