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Google got no love for cougar dating
From: Interracial Dating Blog
Google has decided to banish cougar dating sites from the Google search kingdom. Apparently dating sites like have been banned from its content pages for being “non-family safeâ€. What is the issue here? The word cougar? In an email to from Google, the search engine’s concern is “the concept …
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Seduced by a Cougar? You Are Not Alone – Cougar Seduction Uncovered!
If you hear people talking about being seduced by a cougar, and you are not completely following them, then you need to know that the term cougar is related not to the animal, but to older women who hook up with younger men. Of course you remember the infamous Mrs. Robinson and it is most […]
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iDate Coverage – Open Discussion Panel
OPW – Jun 17 – The 2010 Internet Dating Conference in Los Angeles kicked off with an open panel discussion led by Mark Brooks. Marc Porcelli from Epic Advertising, Brad Boyd from, Dan Winchester from, and Bill Cloutier from were the panel participants. Mark Brooks’ opening question was: SetforMarriage is new to the online dating industry, where should they put their money first? According to Marc Porcelli, new sites should start with search engines, such as Google, and other large traffic sources like Facebook. He added that it is important to have the landing page optimized prior to driving traffic. Dan Winchester agreed that Google was the first place to start, along with building organic SEO and listings. Bill Cloutier suggested an alternate…
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Do dating sites make people seem superficial?
I came across the video below on the New York Times blog, Economix. And when I read the paragraph:”Maybe online dating sites don’t reveal people’s despicable superficiality; they exaggerate it, because superficial characteristics are the easiest, and some case only available, qualities to search for” I had to watch it …
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Selecting Your Main Photo for Your Dating Profile
Picking the right main profile photo is pretty important. Just about every dating site out there has statistics that show that having a photo at all improves you online dating success quite dramatically. This can even be seen without statistics just based on how aggressive dating sites when it comes to getting you to add your photos. They want you to be successful (so that they in turn are successful) and they know that photos are a huge part of […] Related posts: Does Your Dating Profile Photo Say What You Think It Does? Should Dating Sites Offer More Options for Hiding Your Photo? My Dating Profile Gets Lots of Views But I Get No Emails
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Dating: Do I Talk Too Much?

Paul Carrick Brunson dishes on a potentially toxic dating deal breaker. Keywords: advice, Dating, lifestyle, love, matchmaker, single, tips Bookmark/Share this post with:

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