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Guys don’t like good girls ?
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ive heard that guys prefer “sexier” girls who are more experienced and comfortable with their sexuality, like party girls who like to drink and smoke and play around. I’m not like this, I don’t smoke or drink ( I’m not religious by the way I just don’t do these things because I don’t like them) and I try to be a friendly nice person. my friends say I’m too ” innocent” but only people who know me think this because its not usually obvious until you get to know me better.people usually seem suprised when they come to the conclusion is this off-putting for guys to be a ‘good girl’ ? is it better to be a ‘party girl’? if so why ? or why not ?
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GuysHow often do you think about a girl you really like?How often do you think about a girl you like a bit?Do you still think about a girl a lot if you like other girls ? Do you think about the one you like the most?What do you talk about with your guy friends? Sex like if you would “do” a girl, or that you really like her, or how to ask her out etc..If a boy says to his best guy friend, don’t go for …”girls name” does this mean he likes her? and says go for the other girls. Not to mention he really likes this girl. Does it really hurt a guy if a girl accidently liked him and his best mate.If a guy that had to move sets, went back to his old set and said he had to tell his best mate something important but while he was talking to his friend kept staring at the girl is this a sign he like…
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Why Can’t Women be Exclusive?
Can any girl honestly explain to me why every girl I meet seems to have a line-up of guys in addition to me? No matter who the girl is, she is constantly flirting/talking to some other guy. She tries to make it seem like I’m the only one but I look at her Facebook and there is several random guys making semi-sexual wall posts… Why can’t the girls of today just be loyal? Why do they feel the need to be with so many different guys at once? Do they love attention THAT much?
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From what I hear, yes they do.
New Answer – But I think it really just depends on what type of friends they have, and the social groups they hang out with. I lived with 3 beauitful roommates in my last year of university who were all in second and third year, they were you typical, you know going out clubbing every weekend, bathroom full of bras and panties and makeup scattered about, bomb shell blondes and athletic girls. They didn’t seem to use this rating system, or really talk about ‘hot guys’ that much, I was really surprised, they did however talk about sex alot, and the guys they did meet. On the other spectrum of things, I used to go to a friends house every wendsday to watch I think it was Criminal Minds, and it was a group of about 5 girls and they weren’t the type to pretty up, or go out clubbing and bars…
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Girls..would you lie about this to be with a guy? I think my friend is playing with fire.
Okay so one of my buds met this girl..shes nice for the most part. She had an abortion 2 years ago tho…and my friend is totally not cool with abortion..he would be devastated if this girl killed his baby. anyway..she said she that worst case scenario…if she did get pregnant by accident..(far as I know they’re using control/protection) that she would not abort it…but I mean…I’ve never heard her say that she regrets her previous abortion..obviously it doesn’t come up in everyday conversation. So I guess I have a hard time believing a girl would not have an abortion just because of the feelings of the guy. I mean I think she just wants to be with my friend and then if she really gets prego shell run to planned parenthood in a second…I mean its not anything I’m involved with but I’v…
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